Saturday, December 1, 2012

What's Different?

Hey there gamers! I changed the blog up a bit and maybe you guess should check it out! Yes I will be making posts like these every time something has changed... WAIT~!! I can make Saturday my "What's Different?" Post!!! ^-^ Yay~

Anyways! We finally had our new admin, Roxas, post something for once! The post should be right below this. If not, just search for it. He is an awesome gamer and I believe you guys will like it! We are still waiting for the other admin. Apparently he has no idea how to post so.. He won't post til someone shows him to.

Moving on! I also posted a post the has my schedule on in which I will re-post every... 3 months because I usually come up with new ideas for what to post about every 3 months but since I came up with something in... a day.... I'll just update it and no re-post. Please check it out and not your calendars for my post if you want to! ^-^

Going on! Our other admin, Tennie, has posted a rant about a game on the App store. Yes she will be the one talking about game on the App store while I do the ones that or on consoles like the Xbox, PS3, Wii, WiiU, etc. You get the point right? Good^-^ 

Out of the post genre. I have added a new page called "FAQ" so we can prevent spam from the same questions being asked over and over again for the future. If you have any questions, concerns, or a problem, please comment here or on the FAQ and that question will be answered ASAP. 

I also updated the About the Gamers page! I added stuff to my about me because it thought my first try at it was very stupid. I added very informational info to there so you should check it out if you wanna know about the "big boss" *~Ahri-chan~*

Well... I think that's all we have this week am I correct? If not, I'll add it to next weeks post. I shall see you gamers on Monday for my RotW! Cya later gamers! And as always... Keep gaming! ;)

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