Friday, November 30, 2012

Sup Gamers ^-^

Hi ya gamers^-^
XD as you can tell i'm one of the new admins
The other one i won't tell about^-^
Well enough about that let me introduce myself
I like anything with a checkered pattern(don't ask why)
Closests  Friends:Ahri,Tennie,Stella,???(New admin can't reveal yet)
Fav colors or Black and White
And my fav games or
Kingdom Hearts(XD used to hate it,when i was little stupid heartless,or was it my little kid mind?)
Welp i'm sort've new at this so not my fault my fault if this is suckish XD^-^
Hmm...well i guess thats all
XD won't be posting/blogging as much as ur already 2 awesome other Admins
Cya all next time!
P.S,might slowly update as i get more confident/confortable in posting^-^
XD wasn't to bad huh?
Thanks for bearing with me^-^,
You may go back to your gaming now
Remember,Give up on yourself and you give up on the world(well the gaming world that is XD)

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