Most of these questions will be answered by the one and only *~Ahri-chan~* If not, It will say so. THANK YOU!! and yes... these are questions I got from some of you viewers... =.=

Q: Will I be able to join the blog too? ^-^
A: Nope, we are not taking anymore requests 
yet. If we are, we will make a post about it.
but, uh. my music blog would LOVE to 
maybe have some trial admins to see how 
things go.
-Tennie. :U

Q: How can we tell who posted what?
A: Easy question!! All post are required to have
 a signature on the bottom. The signature 
should be able to tell you who posted what. 
(Also, at the bottom of the post, there 
is a line that says 'Posted by ______ 
at 25:61 PM', and that should do it too. :D)

 Q: Can I have your number?
A: Aww~~ Surrr-- NO!!!

Q: Is Tennie-chan Asianly awesome?
A: Yerp. :D

Q: May I just comment my question on this page?
A: Yes.

 Q: Hey!! Can we play LoL some time?
A: Love to! Just add me at Ahrii69^-^
(Yes I changed it .-.)

Q: Mind coming back to WoW to help me with
a raid/dungeon? Please? 
A: No..I'm kinda having a rage towards Blizzard
so yea.. Plus, if I did come back, I would still
have the lame tier armor that no one has 
since it's "so last patch" and yea... Would you 
really want a weak druid on your side..? No..

If you have anymore, just go on my facebook page and I'll put them here! THANKS!!
Le Wonderful Admins of This Blog.

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