Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Gamers!


I just wanna thank every single on of you from being here, reading our blogs and shit! I know this blog isn't as famous as other ones but I'm still happy to our current viewers! I wanna thank every single one of you for being here for us. A bigger thank you for the viewers that have been here when it was just me here!! Thank you for staying loyal and being her from the damn beginning to now!

Next, I wanna thank the staff here. Tennie, Roxas, and Kiba! I wanna thank you guys for accepting my request of needing more people on my blog. Thank you all! Without you guys, I bet this blog would be at 100 views.. ^-^" All of your styles put together in one blog makes this blog even more awesome then a forever alone girl with ADHD! :3 So... Thank you! I just feel so happy to have you guys on my blog and in my life! So...big thanks to you guys.

(time to sound very religious)
Next, I thank god for giving me a chance to be able to do this. With out you. I wouldn't be here right now and i wouldn't be able to meet these amazing people in my life right now! Yes, you did make me meet some bitches but that's only so I can live through the pain and become stronger. Thank you for everything and Happy Birthday~!

Once again, I would like to thank everyone again. I am so happy to have amazing viewers and an amazing staff! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

That's all I have to say. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a Happy New Years! Cya Gamers~~!


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