Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yo. Hi. Sup. Konnichiwa. Yo~

Hey!!! I'm surprised I never did a post like this!! XD and I'm like... The creator? Wow... Fail~ :3 Wonder why I'm this horrible at blogging and I'm a host at one.. I shall continue with the main purpose of the post^-^

Favorite Games

Well well well.... I am going to talk about my favorite games so I can try to get some likes from all of you and I will give a shot commentary for each.

League of Legends

OMG. I freakin love this game like it's my soulmate!! <3  My favorite champions in League are Warwick, Kayle, and my ultimate favorite, Ahri.

The reason why I love Warwick is because after I finish his build, his attack speed added with his life steal makes him better than Master Yi!! He can literally tear you up into pieces! Yes that's how awesome he gets with MY build! Did I mention how awesome his moves are? He's able to get 1/4 of his life with just one move then possibly half with his ultimate move! Badass right?! Right! ^-^

The reason why I love Kayle is because she can become both a range and a melee! I think that is pretty badass! With her righteous fury move(the one where her sword catches on fire and she becomes s range), if you build it up with tons of attack speed, she can clear out any lane in a snap!! Then her Q move(don't know the name) slows down her target so she's able to use Righteous Fury to finish the person off! 

Now for my ultimate favorite...AHRI!! Yesh... I like her so much that I name myself after her! Her charm move is pretty good if your trying to save someone that's getting butt fucked in game! Charm makes the person that gets hit attack you instead of your allies! The her ultimate, you can technically use it 3 times before you go to cooldown. Of course, you have to use them in order in some sort of time order or else it gets in cooldown. Don't worry people.. She's not that OP anymore(TT-TT Anymore...)! Stack her up so much with ability power and she can take down anyone, anytime! Oh Ahri! You're the best everrrr~!



Hello Topic I want to rant on!! Oh sweet moon! Where should I start?!

I, to be honest, really like it how Minecraft doesn't have a story line(well it does if you buy mods)! That just means you can do all the shit  you want! That sound fun right?! You can walk around, kill people, rob villages, and.....plant roses!! Sounds fun as hell right?!

Plus, I just love the multiplayer stuff! I mainly play on this capture the flag server! Of course, I'm not the one that gets the flag and captures it(even though it's the point of the game). i'm the one that stays back and defends and a archer!! The other server I like it Hunger Games... Thought at times, it gets suuper filled! It has like over 100 people at times. O_o Why not just 24 like the real movie/book. 

NEXT AND LAST GAME(dont wanna rant to much.)


OMG!11 I freaking love this game!!! GAHHH~!!! I sooo wanna rant on this!!

The graphic... It will not be the best graphics you see. I'm not kidding. The graphics plainly suck. But I don't really care about the graphics as long as the game is good and has a nice story line.

THE STORY LINE IS...AHH!! SO AMAZING! I just love it! Depending on which road you take, you will either cry tears of happiness or tears of sadness. So far, I cried tears of sadness... But when i watched pewdie's Let's Play, I cried tears of joy when he replayed it just to get the best ending! <3

One more reason why I love this game is because of.... GARRY!! He's so mysterious, and kind, and strong, and, the best part, HE'S A PYROMANIAC!! <3 GAHH!!! HE'S MY SOUL MATE!!! CAN WE GET MARRIED YET?!<333 Garry-kun~~ I just wanna hug you and make you mine~ FORGET IB!! I'm a pyro like you~~


Other random shit you might wanna know

Name: Allyssandra R. Eullo
Blog Name: Ahri-chan
Signature: *~Ahri-chan~*
Age: .....under 21
Birthday: April 9
Gender: Female
Bio: I've been a gamer since I was 9-10. The very first video game I ever touched was InuYasha Feudal Combat. This is also around the same time I got into anime. The very first game I got serious about was Pokemon: Diamond. I got out of Pokemon sadly so...yea..

Out of the gaming business, I am an average gamer girl that is willing to do anything to help her friends. I am very happy with my best friends(which are the staff including two others) I have now and all the other bitches and just GTFO! ^-^ I love the color black. I love wolves. My favorite bands are Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, etc. I hate pink. I hate lynx. I don't like Justin Bieber or 1Direction.

Okay I'm done. You guys must be tired of reading this. Okay. I'm done. CYA GAMERS!!

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