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For Omelet's Music click here. (It's a blog Tennie and Ahri both write on.)

For Our Blog Facebook Fan page click here
For My Deviant Art Account click here.
For My YouTube Account click here.
For PewDiePie's YouTube Account click here.
For Tobuscus's YouTube Account click here, here, or here.
For Our Google+ Fanpage click here
 For Our Tumblr Fanpage click here. (in the making)
For My Tumblr Page click here. (find about real me and ask me questions about mee!!)

If any links don't work, inform me at my facebook page^_^ If the facebook page link isn't working..... Just tell me on one of my posts here or email me at wolfgirl25152@yahoo.com ... ^_^ If you just want a confo, email me anytime^-^


YouTube stuffles.
JustKiddingFilms. Clicky... Here.
mychonny. Click hereyourchonny. Here.
pyrobooby (Peter Chao). Here.
Marianas Trench VEVO. Here.

Uh. You can email me at epic.wafflepanda@gmail.com if you want something from me.
Just not money or something important like that.
I do give virtual hugs.

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