Saturday, April 6, 2013


Name. MapleStory.
Developer. Nexon.
Price. Free. :D
Devices. PC, iOS devices (e.g. iPod Touch, iPhone, etc).

Long time no blog, peoples of le blog.
I have not updated in a long time. I apologize. Not that you noticed, but yeah.

Today, I shall be blogging about the 2-D MMORPG game, MapleStory! :D
I've been addicted to this game for a few months now. It might be focused on killing monsters, but the animations are pretty awesome.

It takes a few hours to download, similar to games like League of Legends, but if your internet connection is decent, it's not too shabby.
MapleStory is a game branched out from Nexon, a developer of such games like Dragon Nest and Dungeon Fighter.

Have a great rest of the day!


Random Game Rant - Wizardry Online

(I'm on my mom's work computer so IDK if the photo shows. Please tell me if it does/doesn't)

Background information:

(Ahri's Info from experiance)
Wizardry Online is a game where you choose from 4 races and 4 classes and fight to begome the strongest adventurer! The spawning system is not like any other. You only have a 50/50 chance of spawning(well..depends on your gameplay.) Also,  there is NO  safe areas so its all full PvP area! No safe zones at all! You could be attacked in the towns and it still counts as a death. Of course, you don't have the previlage to kill or be killed and you have a full 100% chance of respawning on your first soul level. But after, watch your back. o.o
(I'll add wikipedia when I get home. WIki is blocked on this cmoputer o.o .-.)

My Notes/Commentary:

Before I start, I'm so sorry for not posting recently. I was just so busy with school and such that I couldn't do a single thing on the computer without miluti-tasking! So yea. To make up for that, I'll have this posted and another one either tomorrow or tonight! How does that sound? ^-^'

This game is hardcore as heck! Very difficult too! The spawning system is very scary! Puts you on edge when you reach Soul level 2 or higher. The only way to make it through is if you offer goods to the statue! I nearly got broke by that! It sucks a lot too if you get killed by an enemy player! They can steal ALL your items! That is really bad especially in a game like this! Do you know how hard it will be to survive the game for one hours with no items?(Very hard) The dungeon it self is hard to pass! I had a team of 4(that includes me) and it took us 6 hours to pass the very first dungeons! I have to say. The bosses are much more easier than the mobs..weird right?

But hey! Good thing at soul level 1, you have noobie protection. Noobie protection is basically, you won't be able to be killed by Soul Level 2+'s and you can kill others and you have a 100% spawn chance. I like that. ..sadly that's the only easy part of the game..Noobie protection..

That just proves how hardcore the game is! So many difficult parts and only one easy part that lasts like..2 hours? I'm surprised that I'm still in the game even with my first two characters! I wanna see if you guys can survive! If you survive a week's worth of the game, comment below~! Okay! Time to go to Great America! Cya!