About The Gamers.

About *~Ahri-chan~*
Hello Fellow Gamers! I'm guessing you guys are gamers since you are on a gaming blog. ^_^
I am here to rant and commentate on some games I see. My friends say I can be a funny commentator. So I made this to put my skills to the test!
As you can tell.. I'm very very hyper! If you don't know that.... NOW YOU KNOW~~! 
You know what? Let's get some game facts on here!!
Some games that I played before:
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • The Witch's House
  • Ib
  • Slender
  • Halo
  • Assassin's Creed
  •  Kingdom Hearts
  • Diablo III
  • Call of Duty
  • World of Warcraft
  • Sword Girls
  • Just Dance
  • Dance Central 
Just some other stuff you should know.
Blog name: Ahri
Signature: *~Ahri-chan~*
Age: ....under 20
Birthday: April 9
Favorite color: Black
Status: Taken <3 XD :3
Like: Wolves, Video Games, Drawing, Anime, Yaoi, etc
Hates: Lynx, Pink, Make-up, Girly-girls, etc.
School started for me so I might not be able to keep up my schedule. (schedule below)

Dearly sorry my fellow gamers!
I'll do my best to make this work, k? 
Dadadododododododo Subscribe~!!!

About Tennie.
Hi guys. I... *summons mysterious drumroll* am Tennie, a gamer-ish person who's gonna blog about apps you could find for free on the big, bad Internet, apps in the Apple App Store, and possibly the Google Play store. I don't use Google Play, so it's most likely linked to a post I make if the app/game I blog about is in that store and somewhere I have played it before.

Ahaha. Now, about me.
Name. Annie Lai.
Age. 3487908765432.
Location. California, USA.
Hobbies. Singing, sleeping, eating, writing/blogging, playing ukulele, playing flute, playing piano, playing Monopoly (I usually just play it with myself, though), and making milkshakes.
(Hopefully, those milkshakes will not bring any boys into my yard. I like my mini-playground back there and I refuse to share it.)
Are you a derp? If that means trolling biznatches, then yep.
Games/MMORPGs you play? Yup. Maplestory (ehehe?), a TINY TINY bit of World of Warcraft, a sliver of League of Legends, BUBBLE SHOOTER, BRICK BREAKER (god, I'm so mainstream. ;-;"), uh. I like forum-lurking. Hehe. Mario whatever I suck at, and I played Slender. It's put me on edge ever since.
(As you can see, I don't really game seriously. Not like MMORPGs a lot. Just barely.)

I am Ahri's onee-chan. I like reading manga. I sew weird stuffed things. I like playing around with makeup and never wearing it. Hah.
I want to learn electric guitar and be part of a cool band.
Or at least play keyboard, ukulele, or flute in a band. I love playing stuff with other people.
I want a Monopoly buddy that won't make me go broke.

I'm an optimistic pessimist who like writing stories. I try to take after JustKiddingFilms and mychonny and Peter Chao and nigahiga and kevjumba and PapaJumba. 8'D
I'm such a loser, lulz.

About Roxas
Hi ya gamers^-^
XD as you can tell i'm one of the admins
The other one i won't tell about^-^
Well enough about that let me introduce myself
I like anything with a checkered pattern(don't ask why)
Closests  Friends:Ahri,Tennie,Stella,???(New admin can't reveal yet)
Fav colors or Black and White
And my fav games or
Kingdom Hearts(XD used to hate it,when i was little stupid heartless,or was it my little kid mind?)
Welp i'm sort've new at this so not my fault my fault if this is suckish XD^-^
Hmm...well i guess thats all
XD won't be posting/blogging as much as ur already 2 awesome other Admins
Cya all next time!
P.S,might slowly update as i get more confident/confortable in posting^-^
XD wasn't to bad huh?
Thanks for bearing with me^-^,
You may go back to your gaming now
Remember,Give up on yourself and you give up on the world(well the gaming world that is XD)

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