Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flow Free.

Name. Flow Free.
Developer. Big Duck LLC.
Price? Free. <3
Devices. Computer, iPod/iPhone/iPad (mini too, probably), anything with Google Play.

This game is addictive, and luckily, free. *coughcheapasiancough*
Uh, it's FREE. Cough. Sneeze. Die.

It's a logic puzzle game, but you aren't timed. The objective of the game is to create a 'flow' between matching color dots, like in the picture. Yellow connects to yellow, and so on and so forth.
You're expected to cover every square on the board with either a dot or part of a flow.

Play the game for PC here. :D

I know. I haven't been here for a month. (EXACTLY A MONTH.) I've been neglecting my blogs. -.-"
And I got drunk on apple cider for Christmas, so I have a nose-bubble-hangover. Aghhhhh.
BUT I'M BACK. (Perhaps not for long, but I have returned. Temporarily, just to be safe. My fuzzy socks kind of disapprove.)

I started League of Legends. I suck at it at the moment. The tutorial's confusing, but the graphics are pretty kick-a**. :)

Yeah, this post was short.

Tennie, you losers.

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