Friday, November 30, 2012

*~Ahrichan~*'s Weekly Post Schedule

Isn't this great?! Now you don't have to wait for a random day, hoping to get another post from *~Ahri-chan~* I have now set up a weekly schedule to post! If I don't post that day, I might post it the next day! I made a photo for you guys so I don't have to explain and type it out again. But Chances are, I will have to.


On Monday, we shall have my usual Rant of the Week(RotW) post. RotW is basically a post that has me talking about a game that I think is crap! I usually find tons of games amazing but sometimes, I find others very... bad. Some of the game I might post about will be game that I sort of like and some I sort of don't. I know a few days ago I posted one about Minecraft even thought I said I loved it. Well!! If you look now, I changed the title to what it says on Wednesday that I shall explain.....SOON!!


On Tuesday, I shall be posting on a different blog which can be found here. On my photo, it says "Music Post" which give the idea of that post I just linked is a music blog. This blog happens to be a blog that I share with one of the admins here, Tennie. Her and I have been on that blog for a while now. If you love this blog(which is very unlikely), you should check out that blog! ^-^ On to the next day...


On Wednesday, we shall have a new post I shall start called Game of the Month Nominee(GotMN). I know on the photo, it's spelled incorrectly. It is because I ran out of space and I use a very crappy photo editor -cough cough- Paint -cough cough- And basically for this, everyone should now about my Monthly Game of the Month(GotM) posts that I do once a month. Now! I shall be doing some nominee's for the games. And if we get more viewers into our site, I'll let you guys choose who shall win! But for now, I shall talk to Tennie, Roxas, and Kiba on which should win^_^ and since I switched it up, NO NOVEMBER GOTM!!! Sorry. I wanna try this new system out^_^ GOING ON!!


On Friday, we shall have The Gamers' Game Log(TGGL. It's to close to TGIF XD). Here, we might have everyone's game log on what they played this week. If they don't do it... WEEEELLLL.... They don't blog on that post for the week. What TGGL is mainly about is that all of us gamers on this blog will make a small post on what we played for the week and how our game experience on the game was like. Got it? Good^-^! 


On Saturday, we shall have What's Different? Weekly Updates. Here is where I inform all of you about new posts, new pages, page changes, etc. This will be also where I shall add in what might happen like if someone can't post for a week or if we have a new admin(which in unlikely), etc. You get the point right? Right. This, like all the other posts, will be once a week. This post has a 100% chance, unlike the other posts. on being posted every week since this is a very important post. 

More notes before you leave!!

If you have any questions, concerns, or just wanna be random, leave a comment below and I shall put this on the new FAQ page I shall make! Thank you all and keep gaming! BYE PUP MILITARY~!!

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