Monday, November 26, 2012

Angry Gran. Yeah, that grandma.

Game name? Angry Gran.
Price? FREE. YAAY. 8'D
Devices to play it on? iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android.

Hi guys. [This is my first blog post. ...Yay Tennie-chan. 8U]
So, the game I'm posting about today is... *drumroll please* Angry Gran!
This is the original 'Angry Gran'. Not 'Angry Gran Run' or anything.
(I see so much 'Angry Gran' that 'Angry Gran' doesn't even seem like a phrase anymore... Well, that's just fine and dandy, brain. *ragequit/table flip*)

Anyways. As stated, the developer of this app/game is, and their website is here.

The point of this game is to beat up people with your weapon of choice (pan, Christmas tree, inflatable hammer, a baguette, a rubber chicken, and more) and take their money. It's really a game of timing and... Precision.
You tap the screen of your iDevice/Android to swing the weapon you've chosen or started out with at the passerbys or objects - anything but the policeman.
(Policeman? What policeman?) He arrests you if you hit him with your weapon, which is like in-game probation for a short period of time.
You either hit the people or the objects. There are two different kinds of people, the commoners (I honestly don't remember what they're called) and the aristocrats (the rich people). You hit both. Just no one in a police outfit.
Also, there are boxes for you to hit. Boxes, telephone booths, trees, benches, water fountains, and more.

When I had it on my iPhone (3GS, which is so slow I could probably die of impatience), it was slightly like an anger management reliever.
Just a little note. ^.^

Aaaaand that's all I've got for now.
Here's the iTunes preview on the computer. [Clicky here.]
Here's the Google Play page for this app. [And now clicky here! :D]

Bye now. Have fun... Gaming... Under the Christmas tree... And whatnot. xD

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